Keeping tabs on stuff


Tabulate brings the convenience of 'open in new tab' to Safari on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Because it's a bookmarklet, you don't have to hack your precious Apple device to make it work – just follow the installation instructions in the sidebar. Then, when you're browsing a page with lots of interesting links on it, simply invoke Tabulate from your list of bookmarks.

(If you're viewing this on your iPhone or iPod Touch, try it out.)

When you tap on a link. the 3-button Tabulate box appears:


You can choose to open the link in the current tab, in a new tab, or save the link to open in a new tab later (you can close this box if you tapped on a link unintentionally).

flagged When you run Tabulate, the little corner box with the orange flag icon appears, indicating that Tabulate is active on the page. As you scroll the document, this corner box moves with you, showing you how many links you've flagged. When you're ready to open those flagged links, just tap this corner box.

Update Mar 09: If you don't want to sync MobileSafari's bookmarks with your computer, Patrick Caldwell has a clever method for installing Tabulate using just your iPhone/iPod Touch. This method currently only works with the slower 'Windows-compatible' version of Tabulate.

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