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Is there an improvement you'd like to see to the way Tabulate works?

Most recently, David wrote:

Hmmmm….I take back my question as it now seems to work just great on my stupid, basically-useless iPad, the most commercially-cynical product ever! (must have been the particular links I... [more]

Fan mail

Digging Tabulate? Feel free to compose a paean to it. No really — make yourself comfortable. Would you like a drink, perhaps?

Most recently, Rose wrote:

I found another way of adding it to my iPhone. First I bookmarked any old website on the phone and named it “Tabulate”. Then I went on the Tabulate iPhone test page on my PC and copied the b... [more]

Hate mail

Tabulate sucks and you're gonna tell us all about it.

Most recently, Nowacrola wrote:

Hi everybody

I am sorry for making this a little bit offtopic.

I´m just now designing this new site oraeldrekjoeb, so my team only want to know what software you guys has build this website w... [more]